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UN General Assembly resolves to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council

UN General Assembly resolves to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the 2nd calling for Russia to be suspended from the Human Rights Council.

Of the 193 member states, 93 were in favor and 24 were against, with more than two-thirds of the votes cast after abstention.

58 countries abstained.

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Vietnam voted against it.

The withdrawals were India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

This meeting was held in response to the resumption of an emergency special session on the Ukrainian War and reports of violations by the Russian army.

This weekend, the city of Bucha, a suburb of the capital Kyiv, released disturbing photographs of the bodies of hundreds of civilians found on the streets and in mass graves after Russia's withdrawal.

Prior to the vote, Ukrainian Ambassador Sergei Kishritsa urged countries to support the resolution.

"In dozens of Ukrainian cities and villages, including Bucha, thousands of peaceful inhabitants have been killed, tortured, raped, abducted and robbed by Russian troops, leaving the Russian Federation in the human rights territory. It is an example of how far it is from the original declaration, which is why this case is unique and today's response is clear and self-evident. "

Member countriesHuman Rights CouncilThis is not the first time that we have been suspended from membership. Libya lost its seat in 2011 after being cracked down by ruler Mu'ammar Kadafi in a protest, but he was later overthrown.

In a pre-voting statement, Deputy Ambassador Gennaji Kuzmin called on countries to "vote against attempts by Western nations and their allies to destroy existing human rights structures."

Similarity with Rwanda

The vote took place on the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and the Ukrainian ambassador showed similarities to this dark page in recent history.

"The genocide in Rwanda was just a year before the tragedy to commemorate this day, when the United Nations announced it.Security CouncilIt is largely due to the indifference of the world society that they did not respond to the warnings at the general meeting. "Mr. Kishritsa said.

"Today, in Ukraine, less than a year ago." "The tragedy is now unfolding in front of us."

Permanent Representative of Ukraine, UN General Assembly 11th Emergency Special Session Presented a resolution at the 10th General Assembly.
United Nations Photograph / Manuel Elías
General Assembly Permanent Representative of the United Nations, Sergi Kishritsya, presenting a resolution at the 10th General Assembly of the 11th Ukraine Emergency Special Session.

Reason for suspension

The United Nations Human Rights Council is made up of 47 members and is headquartered in Geneva.

Russia joined as one of the 15 countries elected by the General Assembly in January 2021 and will serve a three-year term.

Under the 2006 resolution to establish a board of directors, the General Assembly may suspend membership if the country commits a serious and systematic violation of human rights.

Russia withdraws from board

After the resolution was adopted, Deputy Representative Kuzmin suddenly stated that Russia had already decided to leave the board of directors that day before the expiration of its term.

Deputy Representative Kuzmin argued that the Security Council was monopolized by some countries that used it for short-term purposes.

"For many years, these countries have been directly involved in or instigated large-scale human rights abuses," he said through an interpreter.

"While being a member of the Security Council, we are not prepared to prioritize true cooperation and the stabilization of the human rights situation in a particular country at the expense of short-term political and economic interests."

At the General Assembly, it was resolved to suspend the qualification of the Human Rights Council of Russia. Mr. Gennaji Kuzmin, Deputy Standing Representative of Russia
United Nations Photograph / Manuel Elías
At the General Assembly, it was resolved to suspend the qualification of the Human Rights Council of Russia. The photo is on the far right of the line, Mr. Gennaji Kuzmin, Deputy Standing Representative of Russia.

"Dangerous precedent": China

China is one of the countries that voted against this resolution. Ambassador Zhang Jun is concerned that the hasty move at the General Assembly is like "anointing the fire," exacerbating divisions, intensifying conflicts and jeopardizing peace efforts.

"Treatment of members of the Human Rights Council in this way will set new dangerous precedents, further intensify conflicts in the field of human rights, have a significant impact on the UN governance system and have serious consequences." rice field.

EU praises "rare decision"

For the European Union (EU), the scale and seriousness of Russia's violations in Ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty call for a strong and unified international response.

"The rare decisions made by the General Assembly today are expected to signal a strong accountability and help prevent and deter further human rights abuses," said Ambassador Olav Skoog, a representative of the EU delegation. Stated.

Take a step in the right direction: USA

The United States is the last country to speak at the one-day conference.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield described the adoption of the resolution as an "important and historic moment." She said the resolution was important not only for accountability to Russia, but also for walking with the Ukrainian people.

"Today, the international community has taken a collective step in the right direction. We have ensured that relentless and terrible human rights abusers are not allowed to take a leading position in human rights at the United Nations. "Ms. Thomas-Greenfield said.

"We will continue to hold Russia accountable for this unprovoked, unjust and unjust war, and will do our utmost to stand up with the Ukrainian people."

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